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Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World

There are innumerable Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World - and sometimes it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. We recommend visiting these stunning and interesting sightseeing destinations all around the globe that are easily accessible from some of the best and most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world.

Unique Tourist Attractions in the Indian Ocean

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The spectacular beauty of the coral reefs in the Indian Ocean

Unique Tourist Attractions in the Maldives - Diving

With the Maldives often highlighted as a diving hotspot and Park Hyatt Hadahaa repeatedly voted the Leading Dive Resort in the Maldives, scuba diving is an attraction not to be missed for travelling tourists. Manta rays, sting rays, zebra sharks, gray reef shark and sea turtles are all gliding along in the Indian Ocean... waiting to be discovered.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Mauritius - The Seven Coloured Earths

Easily accessible from St. Regis Mauritius, you can take a short drive to a truly beautiful Unique Tourist Attraction: The Seven Coloured Earths. This is a small expanse of land encompassing colourful sand dunes with patches of brown, red, violet, green, purple, blue and yellow volcanic rock sands intermingling together producing extremely aesthetic mounds in the ground. The sand groups into its colours naturally, is not damaged by the torrential rainfall that Mauritius sometimes experiences and is therefore a natural phenomenon.

Unique Tourist Attractions in the Far East

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The view over the impressive Kuala Lumpur city skyline including The PETRONAS Twin Towers

Unique Tourist Attractions in Malaysia - The PETRONAS Twin Towers

One of the most Unique Tourist Attractions in Malaysia comes in the form of the PETRONAS Twin Towers which can be viewed from your bedroom window at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. At once paying homage to Malaysia’s heritage and contributing to the growth in modern amenities, the stature of the buildings emulates the shape of the letter ‘M’, for Malaysia, and the tiered windows are reminiscent of the ancients’ traditional art of basket weaving. The two PETRONAS Towers are not only impressive statures; they represent Malaysia's national petroleum corporation that is aware of their impact on the environment and economics both nearby and further afield.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Bali - Tanah Lot Temple

Among the fascinating objects and incredible Indonesian-inspired facilities that can be found at Alila Villas Soori, the stunning Tanah Lot Temple is a 'Unique Tourist Attraction' only a half hour drive away. Witnessed at sunset, this Unique Tourist Attraction in Bali is particularly stunning. The temple is on its own stand-alone micro-island adjacent to the coast, which is appropriate, given that its name means ‘Small Island on the Sea’. Originally built as a place of worship for the Balinese sea gods as one of seven sea temples along the Bali coast, this Unique Tourist Attraction provides a glimpse at ancient local culture.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Bangkok, Thailand - The Grand Palace

Formerly the residence of the Kings of Siam in the 18th century, this Unique Tourist Attraction is a grandiose and stately residence fit for royalty. The fusion of gold-plated roof-top spires, white walls and colourful detailing, alongside traditional Thai accoutrements, makes the Palace a truly beautiful tourist attraction in Thailand. The Grand Palace is on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and has numerous components, including halls, open lawns, gardens and courtyards. This Bangkok tourist attraction is also not too far from the Oriental Residence luxury hotel, and would make a great stop.

Unique Tourist Attractions in the Arabian Gulf

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The stunning Al Hajar Mountain Range in Oman

Unique Tourist Attractions in Oman - The Al Hajar Mountain Range

Magnificent, stupendous, awe-inspiring, and simply breath-taking, are just some of the numerous lofty superlatives that exalt the Al Hajar Mountains to their position as one of the most stunning destinations in the world. The Alila Jabal Akhdar luxury resort is situated on the cusp of a gorge within the mountain range and provides the perfect vantage point for gazing upon the vast expanse of majestic mountains. It is truly a sight to take your breath away, and is one of the must-see "Unique Tourist Attractions" in Oman.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi - Ferrari World

Situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is an amusement park tourist attraction for car enthusiasts, adrenaline thrill-seekers and families alike. It is The Largest Indoor Themepark in the World, with a striking roof designed in the shape of the side profile of a Ferrari - we think this qualifies it as one of the most Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World. Inside, there are around 20 rides and numerous other attractions including The World’s Largest Gallery of Ferraris, a children’s driving school, a cinema and much more.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Europe

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The Beautiful Aerial View of Dubrovnik City in Croatia

Unique Tourist Attractions in Croatia - The Dubrovnik City Walls

An extremely popular Unique Tourist Attraction in Croatia, the old defensive walls of Dubrovnik old town are now an iconic sight, giving Dubrovnik a distinct character and their very own UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known as one of the greatest examples of fort architecture in Europe, these medieval walls with towers and gates are hard to miss when in the area and are a huge draw for tourists around the world.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Paris, France - The Sainte-Chapelle

Granted, when one thinks of tourist attractions to visit in Paris or France, most think of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Moulin Rouge and other world-famous monuments. However, there many more additional "Unique Tourist Attractions" to see in Paris than this. The Sainte-Chappelle is a royal medieval chapel that was built under King Louis IX’s instructions to house Christ’s Crown of Thorns. The building is a display of gothic architecture at its finest, with spectacular stained glass windows and large interior arches, there is much to take your breath away. Le Bristol Luxury Hotel in Paris is under a twenty minutes drive away from the chapel and is a great central location to many of the other quintessentially Parisian sight-seeing locations.

Unique Tourist Attractions in the Caribbean

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
A Natural Wonder: The Pitons at Saint Lucia in the Caribbean

Unique Tourist Attractions in Saint Lucia - The Pitons

The Pitons, two volcanic peaks protruding out of the Caribbean Sea at Saint Lucia, are now recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site due to their sheer iconic magnitude. These green mounds glisten with majestic greenery and are a sight worth seeing; hiking tours up the two peaks can be arranged, taking you over 700m into the atmosphere above the complex and diverse coral wildlife and hot springs below you. Sugar Beach hotel, Saint Lucia’s 5-star resort enjoys spectacular views of the Pitons from the pool, sun-loungers and even the luxury suites.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Grenada - The Waterfalls

Grenada is well-endowed with beautiful waterfalls, including Annandale, Victoria, Seven Sisters and Concord, amongst many others. You can access these sites of tranquillity when staying at the Spice Island luxury resort which is not too far away from Annandale and Seven Sisters waterfalls.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Mustique - Basil’s Bar

Basil’s Bar is one of the biggest night and day hotspots in the intimate island of Mustique. Supermodels, rock-stars, high-flying business professionals and locals can dance and drink the night away with school teachers, local socialisers and average joes; everyone loves Basil’s Bar. A particular favourite with Mick Jagger, Basil’s Bar is arguably the Best Nightlife Spot in Mustique. With its regular Blues Festival events, fruity Caribbean cocktails, and an unmistakably cool vibe, it is a one-off bar that cannot be found anywhere else - a true Unique Tourist Attraction. It is a nice stroll away from Cotton House luxury resort, or you could be driven there in around 2 minutes.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Southern Africa

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
Elephants and other Wildlife roam free at the Kruger National Park

Unique Tourist Attractions in South Africa - Kruger National Park

The image most of us conjure when thinking of South Africa is a vast plain of hot, sandy earth with wiry overgrown grassland with lions, tigers, hyenas and elephants roaming the land. Kruger National Park in South Africa is that, and much more; it is renowned as one of the world’s greatest wildlife reserves in the world, and is South Africa’s largest safari. We can arrange a stay at four of the most lavish safari resorts in South Africa: Singita Lebombo, Singita Sweni, Ulusaba, Leopard Hills, situating you right at the heart of this Unique Tourist Attraction.

Unique Tourist Attraction in Mozambique - The Sand Banks

There are many sand banks in Mozambique, and they must be seen by those who appreciate stunning natural scenery. From above, you will be astounded by the sheer beauty of them; wide rivers winding around, turquoise waters exposing coral walls and creamy sands sinking beneath the sea. Azura Benguerra Island is situated on the coast of Benguerra Island, Mozambique and locates you in the midst of the sand banks. 

Unique Tourist Attractions in Mexico

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The ancient city of Chichén Itzá in Cancun - easily one of the most Unique Tourist Attractions in the World

Unique Tourist Attractions in Cancun - Chichén Itzá

Step back in time to a world of ancient civilisations and visit the old Mayan site of Chichén Itzá meaning ‘at the mouth of the well of Itza’. The main attractions in the site include El Castillo and the Temple of Warriors; both of which are covered in cosmological symbolism and architectural detail. Learn a little about how the Mexican ancients lived, and wonder at the unexplained. Chichén Itzá is located a few hours’ drive from the illustrious Rosewood Mayakoba hotel in Cancun, Mexico. It is well worth a short travel away from your hotel.

Unique Tourist Attractions in the USA

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The Dancing Fountains of Bellagio are a Unique Tourist Attraction enjoyed by many

Unique Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas - The Fountains of Bellagio

Dancing outside the entrance to the most stunning and opulent luxury resort in Las Vegas, The Bellagio resort, The Bellagio Fountains are dazzling enough to draw crowds of their own. Often synchronised to music and glittering lightings, the fountains are a full-scale production that draws Las Vegas tourists from all over the Unites States of America and the rest of the world. Complex choreography will astound you and saturate your senses in an extravagant dance of water, light and music.

Unique Tourist Attractions in New York - The City

New York, New York. A vibrant city of flashing lights, billboards, yellow taxis and Broadway. New York may not strictly speaking be a Unique Tourist Attraction in itself, but it has so many iconic attractions that we decided to include the whole city in our guide. One of our favourite New York city tourist attractions is Times Square, which encapsulates the essence of New York, showcasing elite entertainment, bustling walkways and business buildings for tourists to gawp at. Visit Times Square in New York (or ‘The Crossroads of the World’, as it is more informally known), and see the same scene as in countless movies. We can arrange a stay at the Mandarin Oriental or The Lowell so that you can be within walking or driving distance to New York’s essential tourist attractions.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Australia

Unique Tourist Attractions Around The World
The View from the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne, Australia

Unique Tourist Attractions in Melbourne - The Eureka Skydeck

Aside from the usual Australia attractions such as Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, the Whitsundays’ gorgeous sandy beaches and The Great Barrier Reef, Australia has even more to offer. The Eureka Skydeck 88 is Melbourne’s answer to world-class high-standing skyscrapers akin to Dubai’s Berj Khalifa, New York’s One World Trade Centre and Shanghai’s World Financial Center. Eureka Skydeck Melbourne is home to the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere, with a glass cube that slides out whilst you are stood within it so that you can get the best view! You can't get much more of a Unique Tourist Attraction than that!


Image Credits: Dennis Jarvis - Dubrovnik Walls, Celso FLORES - Chichén Itzá, Matt Chan - Eureke Skydeck (

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