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  • Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur
  • The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai
  • Rambagh Palace in Jaipur
  • The Palace Courtyard at Rambagh Palace in Jaipur
  • Luxurious Suites at Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur
  • Lavish Rooms at Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur
  • Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur
  • Grand Palaces in India
  • Luxury Pools at Vivanta by Taj at Madikeri in Coorg in India


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Luxury India Holidays from Only Exclusive Travel

North India Experiences Itinerary

South India Experiences Itinerary

India, beautiful even in pronunciation, is a place often wandered towards in exotic reveries. The bustling sounds of melodic mantra chanting, beeping vehicles, Bollywood chart hits, sizzling spices and streetfood, mesmerising sitar fluctuations and children’s laughter enchant the imagination. If you’ve been to India, learned something of the myriad cultures, ancient traditions, sumptuous cuisine, intricate fashion and schools of thought that have informed worldwide theology, philosophy and politics, we’re sure you’d like to return. If travelling to India is still an enduring dream to visit, we have a selection of luxury hotels and heritage palaces to facilitate your dream. Situate yourselves in one of the most lavish and exotic family holiday resorts in India, surrounded by a tuneful mixture of Hindi enunciations, earnest service, and majestic architecture. Visit the most magnificent, majestic and downright iconic landmark in India, The Taj Mahal, and embark in the most quintessential of Indian tourism experiences.

Mumbai (formally named ‘Bombay’ by Portuguese and British colonisers) is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. As the most cosmopolitan of Indian cities, as well as the cultural, fashion and entertainment capital of India, the city exudes an air of liberalism, fun, and economic and social progression. The Taj Mahal Palace luxury resort is situated in the heart of this cultural centre and is renowned by celebrities and big names far and wide.

New Delhi
Visit the vibrant and exciting capital of India and be swarmed by colour and sensory delights. Don’t worry about getting a case of ‘Delhi Belly’ whilst staying here; only the best culinary offerings are available at the Taj Mahal Palace in New Delhi, and there are plenty of other fantastic establishments, such as The Spice Lounge, that offer world class cuisine. Visit the President’s house, the Gate of India, Humayan Tomb, Qutub Minar and other fantastic tourist attractions in India.

Jaipur, the capital city of the state of Rajasthan, is the home of the most refined and beloved Palace: Rambagh. A stay at Rambagh Palace in Jaipur will leave you feeling like a Maharaja, with the outstanding architecture, in-house amenities and surrounding city attractions. This city is vibrant; booming with local traders and entrepreneurs, restaurants, historical buildings, an ancient observatory and much more, Jaipur city may well be the highlight of your luxury India holiday.

The glistening Lake Pichola, situated in the golden area of Udaipur is the city’s largest man-made lake overlooking the mountains and the monsoon and winter palaces. It is a tourist attraction in India not to be missed. The stunning palace that sits atop it makes for a truly romantic spot. Taj Lake Palace was the location of the film ‘Octopussy’, the perfect place to satisfy James Bond’s hankering for glamorous activities... and yours too. The city itself feels cooler and fresher than many other Indian cities, due to the three man-made lakes, making for a comfortable, romantic luxury India holiday destination.

Considered the desert capital of India, you can live like the Maharaja of the sands in the most luxurious Indian resort in Jodhpur; Umaid Bhawan Palace will shroud you in regal excellence. The property looms above Jodhpur, its outline a constant reminder of the lavish lives of the royals and privileged guests who stay there, above the blue city below.

Wrap yourself in the most delicate fabrics, purchase your own intricately embroidered silk saris, ornate earrings and glamorous jewelled headpieces at any one of the markets in Hyderabad when you stay at another of Taj’s illustrious palace properties. Taj Falaknuma Palace luxury resort in India has its very own boutique showcasing ancient artefacts and the most opulent garments in India, as well as having the reputation as one of the finest heritage properties in India.

Kerala boasts beautiful backwaters, beaches, tropical greenery and a lovely fresh climate that attracts tourists from all over the world. Learn a little about ayurvedic treatments, or experience some yourself at the wonderful spa at Vivanta by Taj resort. Famous for the boathouses that sale the lakes, you can go on beautiful outdoor excursions if you choose to wander from your gorgeous accommodation.

Also known as the Kodagu District and The Scotland of India, Coorg is another lovely area of south India. Famous for coffee, cardamom, Buddhism and luscious green hills, a luxury Indian holiday here cannot help but be full of soothing flavour. The Vivanta Hotel by Taj is in a 180 acre living rainforest in Madikeri, and will situate you in the district of waterfalls, national parks, temples, rivers and a fort.

Kanha National Park is situated in central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh, an area most well-known for its tiger safaris. Enter the jungle on your luxury India holiday and spot some magnificent wildlife including tigers, sloth bears and leopards. Stay at Banjaar Tola safari resort to be given fantastic food three times a day as well as being taken out on all sorts of excursions twice a day.

Bandhavgarh National Park is also a fantastic destination for safari and wildlife lovers. With the highest density of tigers in the region, the odds of spotting a tiger whilst on your luxury India holiday are favourable. When staying at Mahua Kothi safari resort, you can expect the finest Indian cuisine. In addition to the cheeky monkeys bounding from tree to tree, colourfully painted birds, eagles and snakes that you will see, your knowledgeable nature guide will point your attention towards nature’s other secrets.


The climate in India ranges vastly between areas. With tropical areas with heavy monsoon showers and intense summer heat, cooler areas, desert plains, glaciers, and forested masses of land, India isn’t only a dry, dusty, hot place, but a land with varying temperatures and weathers. However, overall, many would describe India as largely of a tropical climate, with beats of unpredictable fluctuations.

There are four main seasons to the Indian climate: winter, pre-monsoon (or summer), monsoon (or rainy) and post-monsoon (or autumn). Overall, the climates at the locations of our India Luxury Resorts are hot and tropical. The summer seasons range through from April to October, when the monsoon season starts.


Such a large country, it would be impossible to summarise all the leisure activities in India. Different cities have a distinct myriad of offerings, from fresh, countryside activities, to city pursuits and thriving nightlife options. Take your pick, and experience India your way.

Countryside & Wildlife

Countryside & Wildlife

India has been the inspiration for many tales of wildlife; you may be imagining the images evoked from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ which tells of bears, tigers, snakes, Orang-utans and more. Not completely far off, the endangered Indian mascot, the Royal Bengal tiger, the iconic Asian Elephant and elegantly colourful peacocks. Many of the luxury resorts in India, such as The Taj Lake Palace, have wildlife reserves or zoos within the district.



Golf may not be the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of India, but know where to look, and you will find. Vivanta by Taj Luxury Resort in Coorg has fantastic golfing facilities, with multiple interesting courses around the area for you to try out.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Fly between Jaipur and Delhi or Jaipur and Udaipur, when staying at Rambagh Palace or Taj Lake Palace, on a stunning helicopter tour to see these unique places from a distinctive vantage point. These hotels locate you in cities that facilitate one of the most memorable holiday experiences: helicopter tours.



Mumbai, often referred to as ‘the city that never sleeps’, attracts world-class DJs, celebrities and glamorous Bollywood stars. New Delhi is bustling and busy, and has numerous super-clubs and drinking establishments such as Elevate, TGIF at Cannaught Place, Urban Pind, Capitol in Ashoka Hotel and more. Hyderabad’s nightlife includes a Hard Rock Cafe and other nightclubs brimming with young professionals and party-people, whereas Jaipur offers a whole selection of other cultural activities with the option to drink in one of the new nightlife attractions afterwards. Do be wary of the legal drinking ages though, as they vary from city to city.



Aside from a vibrant array of markets offering colourful spices, local produce and handmade clothing, India’s developed cities also have fantastic shopping facilities. Some of the luxury Indian resorts even have their own boutiques; the Taj Mahal Palace in New Delhi has Taj Khazana, a shop offering the best original artefacts, handmade garments and rare and uniquely Indian pieces.

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

Ocean Park is located just 20km away from Hyderabad, and is an expansive 20 acres large, full of waterslides, a wave pool, roller-coasters, rides and other fun-filled attractions. New Delhi is home to Fun ‘n’ Food Amusement park which has a rain dance activity, 22 water slides and is open 364 days a year!

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