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Posted on 03.09.2014 under Destinations

Top 10 Holiday Destinations: 7 - Greek Islands

The sound of the waters lapping upon a sand or pebble beach, the clear blue skies, luscious flora and charming villages built upon undulating terrain... The Greek Islands certainly deserve a spot on our Top 10 Holiday destinations.

We have chosen the island of Mykonos and Crete Island as our top two Greek Islands due to their unparalleled beauty, unrivalled nightlife and perfect locations. The Greek Islands offer some of the best places for luxury holidays in Europe.


The luxury Mykonos Blu resort in the Greek Islands

The island of Mykonos is often described as the ‘Ibiza of Greece’, drawing crowds to clubs such as Cavo Paradiso, Space Dance and Astra. Each club has its own appeal, with internationally renowned DJs, impressive interiors and an electric fun-time party vibe regularly drawing in the crowds. As well as being the clubbing capital of the Greek Islands, Mykonos is also considered the most cosmopolitan area; a wide variety of friendly faces welcome you when you choose to take your luxury holiday here. The island has as much beauty to offer as it does clubbing; famous for its amazing beaches, picturesque villages and generally striking scenery, staying in Mykonos can rejuvenate your senses as much as enable you to let your hair down in the evenings. When staying in Mykonos, we recommend Mykonos Blu resort. Arguably the most lavish resort available in the area, saturated in Grecian elegance, this hotel is a five star resort situating you in the perfect location for partying, site-seeing and relaxing.


The gorgeous Amirandes luxury resort in Crete

When considering a holiday in one of the Greek Islands, chances are you’ll already be thinking of Crete. Crete is reputed as a failsafe luxury Greek Island holiday destination – and for good reason. Crete Island is the largest, most famous island in Greece, located in the south of the Aegean Sea, in the midst of sumptuous natural lagoons, mountainous landscapes and an unimaginably picturesque coastline. Visit the rocky coves, beautiful towns, charming villages and harbours whilst staying at the luxury Amirandes resort in Crete. This recommended luxury resort in the Greek Islands provides excellent food, beautiful accommodations and a close proximity to sites such as the crumbly ruins of Knossos of the Minoan Civilization. Stay in the Amirandes resort for an exclusive Greek holiday experience surrounded by and the utmost in luxury.

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